2019 Maryland Striped Bass Season is Right Around the Corner

Sep 7, 2023
Rockfish Fishing


Welcome to Bill 4 Bills Sportfishing, your ultimate resource for the 2019 Maryland striped bass season. As avid anglers ourselves, we understand the thrill and excitement of reeling in the prized striped bass. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, we are here to guide you through the ins and outs of the striped bass season in Maryland. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced angler seeking new tips and techniques, we've got you covered.

About the Maryland Striped Bass Season

The Maryland striped bass season is a highly anticipated time for anglers across the state. Also known as rockfish, striped bass are known for their impressive size, hard-fighting nature, and delicious taste. The season typically runs from April to December, offering ample opportunities for anglers to try their luck in catching these iconic fish.

Techniques for Success

When it comes to striped bass fishing, having the right techniques can make all the difference. Here are some tried and true methods that have proven to be successful:


Trolling is a popular technique for targeting striped bass in Maryland. This involves towing lines with bait or lures behind a moving boat, allowing fishermen to cover a large area and increase their chances of catching a fish. Experimenting with different trolling speeds, lure colors, and depths can help you find the optimal setup for your fishing trip.

Live Bait Fishing

Using live bait is another effective method for targeting striped bass. Whether it's using live eels, menhaden, or spot, presenting a live baitfish to the hungry striped bass can yield great results. Keeping your bait lively and using proper rigging techniques are essential for a successful live bait fishing experience.


Jigging is a versatile technique that can be employed in various situations. It involves using a heavy metal lure, known as a jig, and imparting an up and down motion to attract the striped bass. This method is particularly effective when fishing near structures such as bridge pilings, submerged rocks, or reefs where striped bass are known to congregate.

Casting & Retrieving

Casting and retrieving lures is an exciting and active technique that allows anglers to cover a lot of ground. By casting and retrieving lures such as swimbaits, crankbaits, or topwater plugs, you can imitate the movement of baitfish and trigger a predatory response from the striped bass. Varying your retrieve speed and pattern can help entice the fish to strike.

Regulations and Conservation

As responsible anglers, it is crucial to be aware of the regulations and conservation measures in place to protect striped bass populations. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources sets specific guidelines and requirements for striped bass fishing, including size limits, possession limits, and seasons. It's important to stay informed and adhere to these regulations to ensure the long-term sustainability of this valuable resource.

Tips for a Successful Striped Bass Fishing Trip

To enhance your chances of a successful striped bass fishing trip, consider the following tips:

Research and Scout

Prior to your fishing trip, be sure to research the current conditions, including water temperatures, tides, and recent fishing reports. This valuable information can give you insights into where the striped bass are likely to be located, increasing your chances of finding and catching them. Additionally, scouting the area before your trip can help you identify productive fishing spots.

Use the Right Gear

Investing in quality fishing gear and equipment is essential for a successful striped bass fishing trip. Make sure you have the appropriate rods, reels, lines, and tackle to handle the powerful strikes and heavy fighting abilities of striped bass. It's also important to have a variety of lures and baits to match the prevailing conditions and the preferences of the fish.

Stay Flexible and Adapt

Striped bass can be unpredictable, and their behavior can change depending on various factors such as weather, water conditions, and bait availability. It's essential to be flexible and adapt your fishing techniques and strategies accordingly. By observing and adjusting your approach as needed, you can maximize your chances of success on the water.

Practice Catch-and-Release

While it's exciting to catch striped bass, practicing catch-and-release can help preserve the fishery for future generations. When handling striped bass, ensure that you do so with care, minimizing stress and injury to the fish. Keep in mind the size and slot limits in place and release any fish that fall outside the legal size range. By releasing larger, breeding-sized fish, you contribute to the sustainability of the striped bass population.

In Conclusion

The 2019 Maryland striped bass season is right around the corner, and with the right knowledge and preparation, you can have a memorable and successful fishing experience. At Bill 4 Bills Sportfishing, we strive to provide you with the comprehensive information and resources you need to make the most out of your striped bass fishing adventures. From techniques and gear recommendations to regulations and conservation measures, we have covered all the essentials. So gear up, get ready, and embark on your striped bass fishing journey in Maryland!